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Fun travelling stories from all around the world

I welcome you all to my blog ‘Entertaining travelling stories’.

I’ve travelled extensively since I was a very young child, so I’m going to share with you my experiences, as welll as my family and friends experiences.

I’ll be glad to add your stories too.

I also have another blog: Israel that you don’t know

Enjoy it & have fun.

Shoshi Herscu

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לצעוק את החלומות שלי :-) Shouting Out My Dreams

I’m following the blog “The List” (with a book with the same title) written by Yuval Abramovitz. I finally decided to take the plunge and shout out my dreams to the world.

I welcome you to do the same. You can share my list with everyone :-)Who knows who can help me make my dreams come true?

I share my list both in English and in Hebrew for your convenience.

Let’s shout our dreams to the world ! 🙂


אני עוקבת, כפי שאתם בטח שמים לב, אחרי הבלוג של יובל אברמוביץ’ בשם “הרשימה” (עם ספר באותו שם). החלטתי לעשות את הצעד סוף סוף ולפרסם את הרשימה שלי לעולם ולצעוק את חלומותיי לעולם.

אני מזמינה את כל הקוראים את הפוסט הזה לעשות כמוני ולפרסם את רשימת החלומות שלהם כאן ובבלוגים שלהם. מי יודע מי יכול לעזור לי להגשים את החלומות שלי?

אני רושמת כאן בעברית ובאנגלית לנוחיותכם.

יאללה בואו נצעק את החלומות שלנו לעולם 🙂


My List
1. Travel to Portugal and Madeira (see the attached photos).

2. Enjoy my new White Micra car

3. I want to learn French and speak this language
4. I want to live in a high vibe state and be happy from now on
5. I want that a book that I’m promoting to become a best-seller worldwide.
6. Attend a Mike Oldfield concert featuring Tubular Bells 2 in Europe
7. To attend one of Jean Michel Jarre’s extravaganza amazing concerts in Europe featuring his oldies (similar to Monaco amazing concert held in 2011), free of charge and in great conditions 🙂 and have the time of my life
8. Be at “The List” lecture with Yuval Abramovitz this year
9. Go on a cherry picking trip in the Golan in June
10. I want to speak with Jean Michel Jarre about promoting the “Light”, the positive shift taking place in our world right now and other topics, laugh and be inspired by him.
11. I want to get a facial treatment by Merav Tal, a highly professional medical beautician
12. I want to meet a wonderful partner for life (perhaps my “twin flame”) and share our life together.
13. Participate in a writers’ workshop
14. To write a book that will move, excite, make people laugh, and inspire millions of people worldwide (I loved Liz Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love)
15. To have a massage at Villa Carmel boutique hotel every month
16. I want to participate in an amazing party with joyful and extraordinary atmosphere with great music held in a beautiful place and dance all night long!
17. I want to meet my shero (smile) Lisa Nichols, talk and belly laugh with her with tears in our eyes.
18. I want to have an extraordinary meal at a terrific restaurant with great food at a beautiful location while enjoying the excellent company.

19. Be at one of the amazing concerts of Armin Van Buuren and dance all the time and feel bliss 🙂 like in this concern


הרשימה שלי


1. לנסוע לטיול לפורטוגל-מדירה

2. אוטו מיקרה לבן חדש

3. אני רוצה ללמוד צרפתית 🙂

4. אני רוצה לחיות מעתה והלאה בתדר גבוה, היי וייב ובאושר ושמחה

5. אני רוצה שספר של סופר ישראלי או סופרת ישראלית שאני מקדמת יהפוך לרב מכר בעולם 🙂

6. להיות בהופעה של מייק אולדפילד Tubular Bells 2

7. להיות בהופעה גרנדיוזית עם הלהיטים הישנים של ז’אן מישל ז’אר (תכנית בדומה למונקו ב-2011) באירופה, צרפת או מונקו עדיף J ומבלי לשלם על כלום וברמה גבוהה 🙂

8. להיות במופע “הרשימה” של יובל אברמוביץ’

9. לנסוע לקטיף דובדבנים ביוני הזה, 2017

100. אני רוצה לפגוש את ז’אן מישל ז’אר ולעדכן בנושאים חשובים של קידום “האור” בעולם, קידום המהפך החיובי בעולם בהקדם האפשרי, לצחוק, לדבר איתו ולקבל השראה.

11. ללכת לטיפול פנים אצל מירב טל

12. אני רוצה להכיר בן זוג נפלא לחיים 🙂

13. להשתתף בסדנת כתיבה של ספרים עלילתיים

14. לכתוב ספר שירגש, יצחיק, ייתן השראה וישאיר טעם של עוד אצל אנשים רבים בארץ ובעולם 🙂

15. אני רוצה לעשות מסאז’ כל חודש בוילה כרמל.

16. אני רוצה להיות במסיבה באווירה נפלאה עם מוסיקה מדליקה ולרקוד כל הלילה במקום מקסים!

17. אני רוצה לפגוש את ליסה ניקולס ולדבר ולצחוק איתה.

18. אני רוצה לאכול במסעדה עם אוכל נפלא במיקום מדהים בחו”ל


19. להיות באחת ההופעות המדהימות של ארמין ואן בורן ולרקוד כל הזמן ולחוש אושר עילאי חיוך




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A Special Holiday Gift

My uncle also lived in Ivory Coast with his family. One day my cousin heard ‘me me me’ when she approached the house a few days before Passover. They found a goat in their yard. One of my uncle’s associates brought the goat as a gift for the holiday (as people used to sacrifice goats at the temple few thousand years ago…). My cousins used to walk this goat with a thread tied to its horns. One day it entered into their home and saw itself in the mirror. Obviously, it thought that it was a rival and began to butt the mirror. I hope that it didn’t have a headache afterwards ….

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Special Bond

The special thing about this ‘Monkey Village’ was the strong bond which was created between humans and the beautiful monkeys (they were black while their back had the colors of a flame, including yellow, orange and red). Someone used to bang on a pan attached to a tree at 14:00 and then the monkeys gathered and everyone fed them. These monkeys also enjoyed a special treat: when it was cold or rainy, they went to sleep in the villagers’ huts.


I feel like Dr. Doolittle with all these animal stories …

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Interesting ‘Pets’

I travelled extensively in Ivory Coast when I lived there. One day we travelled to a village called ‘Monkey Village’. We went around and then we saw this kid about my and the other kids age. He ‘walked’ a giant black-yellow spider – about 12 cm. He used a tread as a leash, played with it on his hand. Yes, you could call it a ‘pet spider’. Some people walk dogs and some walk spiders. 


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Resembling Languages

I had travelled with my parents a few years ago in Italy. It was in the region of Lake Maggore in northern Italy. One day we visited a palace on Isola Bella that had a garden with white peacocks lying on the grass. I looked at the scene and told my mother in Romanian: ‘Do you think that they are dead?’ An Italian guy overheard our conversation and said in Italian: ‘no, they are not dead, just resting’. My mother looked at me and we both burst with laughter as we were so surprised that we understood each other. We didn’t know Italian and the Italian man obviously did not speak Romanian. But somehow we managed to understand each other perfectly.

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Having fun at a special party

The last house where I lived in England was with a Malaysian colleague (he invited me to live in this house), with the English landlord and his daughter. The Malaysian guy founded the Malaysian society at the university where we both had studied (University of Humberside, England). He threw a party to which all our lecturers, colleagues and Malaysian students at the university were invited to… The atmosphere was great and at the end after we exchanged addresses etc., I felt really great, got on the table and started belly dancing (whatever it was)… You had to see the faces of my colleagues… This blond woman doing belly dancing … There were all sorts of nationalities… you name it… Malaysians, Indians, Germans, French, English… It was worth every penny/dime to watch them J


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Brave in Africa

I lived in the Ivory Coast, West Africa as a child during the years 1979-1982. I travelled extensively with my parents and sister in this country. On one occasion we travelled to a beautiful mountainous area that is called ‘Man’ (pronounced m-a-n, not ‘man’ in English). One day we arrived to a place with a rope bridge stretched over a wide river. The width of the bottom of this bridge was about a half foot (4 inches, 10 cm). I went together with four men. After crossing the river on the bridge, we returned to the shore by walking on large logs… really brave kid… But when I arrived to the shore, I began to scream. What happened? There were transparent crabs roaming the river shore. Do you know them? My courage stops when I see them… I think that these crabs really became scared of my screams J